Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th Thought of The Day

"Contrary to belief you don't have to be down to earth
but just have a strong grip

However, if you are able to hold your hands around imaginary things
shake the hands that made those imaginary things real for you"
- William Ramsey

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Through The Years

Before I fall into sleep
what memories will I keep
And before I awake
what dreams will I take
The angel in the form she chooses
and has been given lays by my side
She is more than just a sparkle in my eyes
that would be released through tears
I want her to be mine and give myself to her
through the years

- William Ramsey

Friday, March 19, 2010

Poem Revisited : "IN A GUST OF WIND"

In a gust of wind
that turned our breathes to dust
In the Iron Age
our tools turned to rust
We were wounded by all
but the bronze age would fall

Only To errect an Iron tower
and a lust for power

When our armour was built
it was built to last
It was Smelted by hammer and hand

We were singing
fast and more

for war

But now the towers now lay
on rock and clay
As these words now turn to sand
and wash away off of land

From a gust of wind
that turned our breathes into dust

In the evil of men
that turned our souls to dust
In the iron cage
the beast wants to bust
We were wounded by light
from nails of the sun, so bright

Only to errect a new king
A crown so shining

When our elders had taught us
they taught us right
Taught us to hold the hammer in hand

We sung of
and gold in all above

and fancy
built rugged tough

Now our powers
now lay in the hands of today
while the here and now
turns to now and then
from the evil in men
that turned our souls to dust

- William Ramsey