Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grasping Life

This is a complete work in progress. I say so because it's been progressing more and more each time I work on this song. The lyrics are : "We've been taking for so long Might as well give in before I am gone We've been shaking like a leaf grasped in the palm of a wounded junkie Who still stands strong For after all we are like the setting sun Never could grow past day one And I still laugh at the chosen path of a bum B/c we've been taken for the wrong ones But we have chosen our guns to infiltrate our hate..." More lyrically soon, at least I plan to write more.
The Guitars and Vocals were recorded inside Audacity with my m-audio usb interface. The Drums, Flute Sounds and extra Bass was conjured up and added/overdubbed in FL Studio. Guitars - CamelPhat3 used for filtering Bass - CamelPhat3 used for filtering and gating Stretched Vocal Sound Effect - CamelPhat3 for Filtering, Gating and Flange. Vocals - Echo and CamelPhat3 for filtering Drums - BFD Lite Flute Sounds - Alchemy (2 patches including one I made), Fruity Convoler Reverb Plugin Used Bass - Alchemy, Gross Beat Plugin Used Small amounts of Filtering on the Overdub Master Track in FL Studio with some minor Parametric EQ2, One instance of Maximus for tweaking not compressing and One instance of Fruity Limiter to get the levels right. :) Thanks for reading folks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The album "Blood Miles" still in demo mode of the whole process, so far looks like : 01 - Perfect Machine 02 - Summer Blazin' 03 - Break Em Down 04 - Whole Lotta Nothing 05 - Of An Endless Void 06 - Tricks Of A Stooge 07 - The Night, My Seed 08 - Bloody Mars 09 - The Stakes 10 - Hell Loosened Up 11 - Into Flame, Fire On Command 12 - Lord Yes (420) 13 - Think I'll Paint This Vessel Blue 14 - Strange Sensation 15 - Wanted Man 16 - Blues Me Wicked Number One 17 - He Got Up 18 - This Coming (BONUS TRACK) FOR THOSE WHO ACCEPTED TAKING A FREE CD-R OF THIS AT JIMMY MACS BAR AND GRILLE IN DREXEL HILL, PA ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT 05-24-2012, AT THE OPEN MIC, THANKS FOR APPLAUDING MY KARAOKE VERSION OF MY OWN SONG "BREAK EM DOWN (EXTENDED VERSION), A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO YOU.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Artist Name Switch

Early 2012 I decided the artist "persona" is highly overrated. "JESMIAUS" which had meant the loss of soul, or soul missing in action, ceased to remain. The new artist name "WILL I RAM" was erected, under the realization that no matter how cool a name could be, I am still William Ramsey. Will I RAM and my musician persona can remain in the works of my musical efforts. I'm sure there's lots of Bill so and so's in music but my name just didn't ring right to me when I was saying it. So WILL I RAM it is, and I will. I now have seen 3 names, but this one's not changing. Just couldn't change who I am. For real, couldn't.

Will I Ram Showcases some new tunes on Reverbnation

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Falling Awake Dream Into

Fmaj Gmaj
a dream a little dream inside my dream

Fmaj Gmaj
come dream a little dream come dream a little dream with me

your mind's lake runs through the river of my mind

your mind's a microdot

the center of the universe

Fmaj Gmaj Fmaj Emaj
come a dream a little dream with me inside my dreams

Fmaj Gmaj Fmaj Emaj
your mind's a lake it's stream runs through the river of my mind

now pour it more, come dream it more and more

will you follow with me to the endless sea of dreams

Fmaj Gmaj Fmaj Emaj
come dream with me come dream inside my dreams

Fmaj Gmaj Fmaj Emaj
what seems like would be fake is your lake of your mind

it runs a river if my brain would shiver and fry

B Gmaj Amaj Gmaj
with no sunlight it's on the bottom ocean floor of a dream

Fmaj Gmaj
your dreams are real your dreams are here

Fmaj Emaj
come dream a dream a dream inisde our dreams

godbless you for choosing your soul

B Gmaj Amaj Gmaj Fmaj Emaj
godbless you godbless because I am not here in my dreams