Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grasping Life

This is a complete work in progress. I say so because it's been progressing more and more each time I work on this song. The lyrics are : "We've been taking for so long Might as well give in before I am gone We've been shaking like a leaf grasped in the palm of a wounded junkie Who still stands strong For after all we are like the setting sun Never could grow past day one And I still laugh at the chosen path of a bum B/c we've been taken for the wrong ones But we have chosen our guns to infiltrate our hate..." More lyrically soon, at least I plan to write more.
The Guitars and Vocals were recorded inside Audacity with my m-audio usb interface. The Drums, Flute Sounds and extra Bass was conjured up and added/overdubbed in FL Studio. Guitars - CamelPhat3 used for filtering Bass - CamelPhat3 used for filtering and gating Stretched Vocal Sound Effect - CamelPhat3 for Filtering, Gating and Flange. Vocals - Echo and CamelPhat3 for filtering Drums - BFD Lite Flute Sounds - Alchemy (2 patches including one I made), Fruity Convoler Reverb Plugin Used Bass - Alchemy, Gross Beat Plugin Used Small amounts of Filtering on the Overdub Master Track in FL Studio with some minor Parametric EQ2, One instance of Maximus for tweaking not compressing and One instance of Fruity Limiter to get the levels right. :) Thanks for reading folks!