Monday, June 24, 2013

eVilansidoubt Lyrics


Trust, you seek
And I am weak
Evil inside out
And I doubt
You are willing to speak
Of our falling out

Only one of us will remain
Residually  sane
One of us must go
Weak and flower less
To the dark side

The villains gift
Crows before doves
The villains uplifting moment
Shows before speaks
The world is given to the villain
Who is weak as evil inside doubt

Trust you seek?
Snivel and pout?
Just scream and shout
Evil from the inside out

Cos trust you seek
And I am weak
Must you speak
At my feet a heartfelt song

I seek golden treasures
Highest peaks
And wrong doing 8 days a week
So give me your acceptance
Give me your time
And I'll be done before the crime

The evil land slide
The glance at trust
Everything that turns gold to rust

Ohhhhh yeah
Ooooooo yeah

Who are you to wanna want it
Who are you to need
Who are you to believe
Who are you to bleed
Who are you to plant a seed that believes in life to need higher power

The eVilanside the doubting spy
The villain side, the poets cry
The mind sighs as hearts pump alive
On the fringe of dark inside
The apertures of space outside
The dark glowing pride
Riding 16 hours long
666 coaches long
Cycles like the devils clockwork
Dark chi
Implementing that there was something inside all along at all
But there's eVilanside
That's no doubt...

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