Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Nicotine Stains" Jesmiaus Lyrics

Well I've been scrubbing
scrubbing off all these nicotine stains on my fingers
I gotta polish up these bones
b/c my heartache still lingers
I'm going to wail on this guitar
Till it moans
and is in key with the backup singers

And what did my mother tell me about rock 'n' roll and excess
I don't know all about that
but I keep singing the blues
and living far from success
but I'll be sharped dressed
and my instruments will be blessed

I continue to light up smokes and crack a smile
even when the boys are toking up with their backs up against the wall

You won't hear me call
but you'll hear my voice
all the way to the back up the club
even in the bathroom stall
better write that number down on the stall
b/c she'll show you a good time
and I'll end this in a rhyme...

well I've been scrubbing
I've been scrubbing
and scrubbing
and scrubbing

written by William Ramsey (jesmiaus, music project)

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