Thursday, March 7, 2013


or CAncer described as Ja or "yes" > "more uU) "you!"

Side project started between Eric Shurley of Ketosis and William Ramsey, Will I Ram (solo musician).

Eric Shurley contributes all the guitar tracks either written by him or William Ramsey.

William Ramsey - Vocals

"Red Wolf" 1st performance at Jimmy Macs Bar and Grill in Drexel Hill, PA 3/6

"Solution" 1st performance at Jimmy Macs Bar and Grill Hosted by Kenny Kerr 3/6

***WARNING : The Audio part of the Video Blows! Too bad, You Should Make it out to catch us***

Check in on this blog for more from this wild collaboration that is going to grow and of course all the regular blogs I post the usual stuff. 

IF your interested in seeing something like this in the Philadelphia area (open mic, works)
comment or email me HERE

- Regular Rams

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