Monday, March 25, 2013

The Taken Lyrics

The Taken

she moves in the distance
unknowing of the path
away from learning
of no warning of no warning
there's no one in sight
no one in sight
she's couldn't be alarmed of any danger

the wolf has a glance that could be a stare
that lasts as long as the moon dances around the earth
the earth, he couldn't take a chance
there were too many around, too many around
he couldn't a chance, couldn't a chance
she might make too much sound
she might make too much sound
he waits lurks longer
he bumped into her before

he had a path he held onto, onto, onto, onto, onto

the wrong he could do
the chance to free
his childhood
from torturous abuse
oh the harm he could do, oooooooooh

the wrong he could do
the wrong he could do
the harm he could do

amber lynn
he had heard it while she played a game outside
she had seen him only in a blur
but he hated that she might of seen him
he hid in the woods

diverging from human to a true madman
the wolf's personality
from person to animal
from animal to monster
from monster to inverted mirror delusions
building on the confusion

the taken
unraveling, the irrational babbling
shaking of loved ones
un forsaken search from day one

amber lynn
now shackled
praying to be free, from him
praying to see a new day
praying to find another way she could be
from him
so far and away from him

but now she's shackled on the ground
with the red wolf, red wolf

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